Thursday, 24 January 2013

Discharged from the Eye Clinic!!!

On January 10th, just over a year after my retinal detachment surgery I had my '6 month' post op check up.

It involved a field of vision test, and the usual eye poking stuff.


There is no sign of a cataract - these usually appear within 6 months after surgery and I'll probably get one at some point, but who knows when (I do like to defy the odds).

My eyes are both fine. The op eye (my left) has settled nicely and everything is as it should be. And so I HAVE BEEN DISCHARGED. No more eye appointments for me!

I'm now under the care of the optician/gp as everyone else is for their eye care so if I do feel there is a problem I just go to my doctor to get referred.

I feel relieved. Eyes are so precious and it is amazing to know that things should be settled for a while.

In other news - I am 17 weeks pregnant with our 3rd child. My midwife, when I mentioned the operation, told me that I'd have to be referred to the consultant to see what he thought about labour strain on my eyes. I've yet to see him but my eye doctor says that there is no reason why I can't have a natural birth and that she doesn't think that there is a risk to my eyes. Which is fabulous!

Hopefully I'll not need to update this blog ever again, or at least for a fair while! I hope if you've found this through google that it has been some use to you!