Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Day 8 - (one week since surgery)

It is a week since I had my retinal detachment operation.

My eye looks like this:

I'm no longer taking any painkillers. Sometimes it feels a bit gritty and watery and I can feel it aching a little if I concentrate on something for a while (like crochet or my laptop screen). It also feels a little sore if I look in one direction a lot - like if I look as far as I can to the right then it feels a bit weird and achey.

I have the leaflets and various pieces of paper given to me by the hospital and once I've managed to get to my scanner (it's in the messy spare room) I'll scan it all in in case it is of use to someone.

The picture below is of my beautiful plastic eye patch. I wear this stunning accessory at night time (stuck on with the tape in the photo) in order to stop me rubbing my eye. I've got to wear it for the next few weeks. It's not nice to wear. It leaves sticky patches on my face, gets in the way and generally feels a bit awkward. But needs must I guess, I tried to go without it last night but found myself reaching to rub my eye and so realised that it is serving a purpose!

Tomorrow is check-up day. At 3.15pm I have an appointment with the guy who did the surgery and he'll be able to tell me whether things are going ok and healing as they should. Keep everything crossed for me! I will blog after the appointment and let you know how it goes!

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