Monday, 23 January 2012

Maybe not a cataract! - Plus GRRR

Ok so maybe it isn't a cataract. After a lot of looking and testing my vision myself I realised that my left eye can't see very wellCLOSE-UP. Which means that when i've got my glasses on and am using both eyes seeing close up causes me to strain and if I don't strain then it's blurry. If I take my glasses off it is better but not perfect. If I hold something further away then I can read it with glasses but not without.

So I'm guessing I might now be a bit long-sighted in my left eye as well as short-sighted. Not great but not awful either. Though I've heard that cataract surgery can improve vision a lot in the eye it's done on so maybe if/when I do get a cataract my vision will get better again! For the time being I'm not getting new glasses. I'll just read things at a distance or peer with one eye...

The GRRRR is aimed at conjunctivitis. My littlest girl has it. Which means we'll probably all get it. I've no idea what this means for me and my eye! If I do get it I'll call the hospital and ask for advice. Typical though. And our washing machine which broke 2 weeks ago is STILL broken as we're still waiting for parts. So I can't even hot wash everything in the house to help make sure I don't get it.


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