Monday, 9 January 2012

Post-surgery vision

I've tried to re-create (in paint, so excuse the quality) what my vision has been like since the operation.

Think of picture 1 as being normal vision. 

2 - this is what it was like when I could open my eye after surgery. There was just a think strip I could see at the top of my eye and a thick black line. Below that it was completely black.

3 and 4 - over the next couple of days this line came down my vision a bit so I could see a bit more above the line.

5 - this is how my vision looks now (day 7) the line is lower and curved (so that I can tell that it is a bubble now as the edges are curved.

6 - if I tip my head forward then the bubble of gas comes so that I can see the whole circle, it covers most of my eye. I can't see through it exactly but it seems to make my vision double!

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