Saturday, 14 January 2012

Days 10-12

I've not been blogging as there isn't actually a huge amount to say. I think that that is a very good thing really. No pain, very little vision loss left - I can see the bubble at the bottom of my vision and if I tip my head forward I can see it all. It's not getting in the way too much now though.

My eye is only a little red now, just looks like it does when I get a bit of hayfever. I might even wear a bit of make-up next week and just avoid putting it under my eyes like I'd normally do.

I seem to get quite a few floaters and teeny black spots in my eyes but they come and go and change shape so I am guessing that they aren't permanent.

I'm still wearing my eye patch at night, I have a sore spot on my face where it seems to dig in as I sleep. I could wear a plaster over that bit but then I'd have even more sticky patches left on my poor face!

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