Friday, 27 January 2012

WOOO - I'm free! 24 days since surgery!

I had a check-up today with the main surgeon who did the operation on me.

I had the dilating drops in as usual and he checked both eyes and the pressures in and them and....

I'M FINE! The eye has 'healed perfectly' (his words) and I don't have to be seen for 6 MONTHS. 6 whole months of freedom from eye prodding. Fantastic or what! I can also stop the drops I've been using :D

I asked my questions and:

I can wear contacts again - WOOO, I actually had some in my handbag and put them straight in. My vanity was not cured by 4 weeks in glasses!

I can go swimming, go on the water slides and rapids

I can go in the sauna (that we will have in our holiday lodge)

I can give birth naturally (should I want to have another child)

All positive, all good and no signs of a cataract.

Now I'm sorted with my eye and now my spare room is clear I will scan in all of the information that I was given and upload it into a blog post in case it is useful to anyone! Expect these posts over the next few days!

Thanks for reading

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