Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Day 9 - retinal check-up


I want to start with that because I've been a little panicky that it might not have worked or that I might have to have the procedure repeated.

At the hospital they did the usual sight test - and this time I could see enough with my left eye to read all the way to where I would be able to normally! The bubble is covering 30% of my vision, which is a lot easier to manage. They then put the dilating (drops of DOOM) in both eyes. DOOM because they sting. Feels worse than pouring neat shampoo in your eyes. Luckily the sting doesn't last that long!

The eye guy was the one who first diagnosed me a week or so ago and who assisted with the surgery last week. He told me that I was 'extremely brave' and that not many people would have opted for the local. Which is a little mean as when he first mentioned the operation he made it sound like a local was the sensible choice! Doh.

Anyway, the eye is doing well, the retina is sticking back nicely and all looks good. It will be a few months before they can say for definite that it is well stuck but fingers crossed it will be. I asked if there was anything I can't do and he said that bungee jumping and boxing probably weren't a good idea. That's my weekend plans gone then :p

My eye looks like this today:

I asked how long before I can wear contacts and he just said I needed to wait until it has healed. I know it's vain but at the moment I can't wear make-up AND I have to wear my glasses AND I have to shove my fringe to the side. Yuck.

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